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mori seiki NT 4250 cz


  • Driven at the Center of Gravity
  • Octagonal Ram
  • Larger work surface
  • Flexible B Axis
  • Turret with a built-in milling motor
  • Sub spindle
  • MAPPS IV with 19" TFT-Display as standard

NT Series integrated Turning and Milling Center utilizes a radically new design structure that incorporates the traditional use of cast iron for structural rigidity and damping but additionally introduces and combines the Mori Seiki design concept known as "DCG" or "Driven and the Center of Gravity" to provide even greater stability for optimal use of power without sacrificing accuracy.
This integrated turning / milling center provides great flexibility for machining the most complex parts in a single handling. The Tool Spindle can carry up to 100 turning or milling tools in an ATC and can address the workpiece from any angle. A secondary more traditional lower tool turret enables 2-tool simultaneous cutting of the workpiece.
By adding the optional spindle, production can be doubled. Both tools (Tool Spindle Tool or Tool Turret Tool) can machine on either spindle simultaneously or on the same spindle. Parts may be automatically transferred between headstock spindles without stopping the spindles.
Up to 54 models are available providing many combinations that incorporate varying part envelopes, Horse Power, Spindle Speeds, and variations on machine component packaging. The base machine is the 5-axis single spindle chucker with Y/B-axis tool spindle. Adding the lower tool turret increases capability by adding 2 axes and a second tool capable of simultaneous cutting tool with the tool spindle. An optional tailstock may be added for handling shaft work. Adding the second spindle completes the line enabling production increases, part completion in a single handling by performing first operations on one spindle and second operations on the other.
The use of the flat bed design evenly disperses and absorbs forces during machining, without distortion.

Box-in-Box construction
The Box-in-Box construction is the essence of DCG. This design supports the saddle at both ends, guiding the axes at the centers of gravity and creating a balanced environment for high-speed acceleration. By making the ram of the Tool Spindle a perfect octagonal shape, a V-shaped guideway produces superior straightness. A broad machining area and high-precision positioning are made possible by the long stroke of the machine. A DD (Direct Drive) motor has been adopted for arbitrary indexing, making high precision and smoothness of movement possible due to the high speed it produces and the elimination of backlash.

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